August 11, 2018

About Us

Our Mission

  •  Energy Efficient Solutions
  •  Implementation of Solid State Lighting-LED Technology
  • Integration of Control Systems and Sensors where applicable to maximize energy savings
  •  Implementation of cloud technology and various data collection platforms to support Stipulated Savings Models

Our Strategy

  •  Qualified Team of Professionals
  •  Exclusive Relationships with Validated Manufacturers of SSL/LED
  • Technology based “best of breed”
  • Implement GSIs core competency

Our Process

  • Identify Client’s needs and goals
  •  Perform Audit/Evaluation of Client’s Current Control and Lighting Systems
  • Assess feasibility of Upgrading or Modifying Client’s Control and Lighting System
  • Assess feasibility of Control/Sensor integration with current or new Lighting System
  • Provide Financial, Engineering, and other required support services
  • Implement Technology Conversion
  • Continue the support process through long term subscription model

About GSI Cities

Global Services International, Inc. is an Energy Efficiency Solution Company utilizing state of the art Solid State LED Lighting Systems, Control Sensors, as well as Machine to Machine infrastructure that promotes energy conservation and reduces costs associated with energy consumption.

In the coming years, LED based illumination systems (LEDs) configured with smart control technology will replace current incandescence, fluorescent, and high intensity discharge (HID) fixtures.  Legislation in the U.S. and Europe now ban the sale of incandescent based lighting by 2012, coupled with new stricter environmental regulations governing storage, transportation, and disposal of fluorescent based fixtures. These Governmental mandates, rising energy costs and demand for Green Initiatives are forcing the incumbent traditional Lighting Systems out and LED based illumination systems in.

GSI’s overall strategy, to be the forefront of a grooving global market, begins with assembling a well qualified diverse team of professionals and partners having direct expertise in each aspect of a vertically integrated Value Supply Chain (VSC).  This VSC will be necessary to take full advantage of Energy Efficient Technologies such as LEDs and their Smart Control Systems (SCS). The Value Supply Chain can be defined as the process of designing, engineering, manufacturing, and ultimately, strategically implementing the LED based illumination system to address customers’ needs.  The VSC also allows for the free flow of customer feedback to the design development team to continually assess the current and future needs of the customer base.

The Smart Control Systems (SCS), which GSI is developing with industry leaders in the areas of Automated Metering Infrastructure (AMI), Machine to Machine (M2M) technologies, and real time Sensor Control and Monitoring (SCM) provide an innovative opportunity for the customer to finance the costs for procurement, control and maintenance of the most energy efficient lighting solution available on the market.  The cost for implementing the LED Lighting and Control System solution can be financed thru realized energy savings and thru GSI’s Subscription Model.

With this Subscription Model, customers can implement “Greening” of their properties without incurring the tremendous upfront costs associated with retrofitting their antiquated lighting systems as GSI’s helps provide part or all the financing required.  In addition, the customers can take advantage of the available Tax Credits, Stimulus Grants and other Green Initiative dollars for implementing GSI’s Energy Efficient Technologies.